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Ponant Cruises | The Small Cruise Ship Collection

Ponant is a leading luxury small cruise ship line. 

Le Bougainville                                                             Le Jacques Cartier                                           Le Soleal
Le Champlain                                                               Le Laperouse                                                  Le Lyrial
Le Dumont d'Urville                                                      Le Bellot                                                         Le Boreal
L'Austral                                                                      Le Ponant

Le Soleal in the Weddell Sea with Cockburn Island. The Small Cruise Ship CollectionRead about our recent Ponant cruise to Antarctica

Responsible Tourism
Ponant use state-of-the-art technologies aboard the ships, use the latest waste and waste water treatment, put a lot of effort into raising the awareness of the passengers, and their future plans that are increasingly innovative in terms of sustainable development.

An increasingly cleaner fleet

Ponant go above and beyond environmental regulations in force (for example, the MARPOL convention for the prevention of pollution from ships and the Polar Code) by studying ways to minimise their impact on the places they visit and of their obligations both towards them and towards the people who live there. Thanks to these efforts, all PONANT ships have been awarded the international “Clean Ship” label, which certifies that they have reduced our environmental impact.

Ponant objective 2021A vigorous policy of drastic reduction in the use of fuel oil for ship operations

LSMGO (Low Sulfur Marine Gas Oil) is lighter and less polluting than HFO (heavy fuel oil) 

LNG (liquified natural gas) is currently the greenest fuel on the market (25% less carbon emissions, 85% less nitrogen oxide emissions and 95% less fine particle emissions)

The technology at the heart of PONANT ship designs

  • - Sonar system for the detection of shoals to avoid contact with icebergs and reefs
  • - Refrigerant gas (R407C) used for air conditioning and refrigeration units. It has no impact on the ozone layer and a very low impact on the greenhouse gas effect
  • - Low energy and low heat emitting lighting system (LED and fibre optic based)
  • - Dynamic positioning system that helps (when needed) maintain a vessel’s position without having to drop anchor in sensitive marine environments such as coral reefs, thereby protecting the seabed
  • - The latest generators equipped with an integrated electronic control system to optimise their functioning
  • - Tin-free antifouling paint to protect marine ecosystems as much as possible
  • - Real-time energy-consumption calculation tools to reduce energy consumption
  • - Installing rigid sail propulsion on Le Ponant, our iconic ship for the last 30 years
  • - Fitting our entire fleet with the Whales Anti Collision System (WACS), a system for preventing collisions between ships and whales
  • - Fitting every ship with ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), small underwater drones, to inspect hulls and ensure that they are clean.
  • - Carrying out an impact study following a test on silicone paint called “dolphin skin” used on L’Austral. This method helps minimise the ships’ consumption and can be extended to the entire fleet. Other tests will be carried out to optimise water resistance.