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Responsible Tourism

The Small Cruise Ship Company code of conduct.

Many of our cruises visit sensitive and rarely visited regions of the world, and we ask that all our clients remember a few simple points that will help to maintain and improve these places.

We ask that you

• abide by any instructions from your cruise manager or ship's crew

 do not walk on any sensitive plants, corals or other features

 never throw anything overboard or onto the ground or ice anywhere in the world

 respect all wildlife and maintain at least 5 metres from all wildlife, and 15 metres from particularly sensitive or large animals - Your guide will give you advice

 do not feed any wildlife

 refrain from smoking in any sensitive region

 do not take or buy any form of wildlife souvenir, including shells, coral, skins, bones or anything that was once alive or attached to a living thing

 don't give sweets or presents to communities we visit - It is much better to spend a little money in the community you are visiting

 do not participate in sex-tourism

 do not buy or use illegal or illicit drugs

l earn to speak a few simple phrases of any languages of your host communities - it will enhance your visit no end!

 do not be obtrusive with your camera - few people anywhere like having a camera stuck in their face