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South & Central America
Galapagos cruises - Scroll down for a wide selection of cruises to the Galapagos
8 days
30 June, 2019 (and more..)
£GBP 3465 - 6699
(£GBP 433 - 837 per day)
Wildlife wanders freely and almost fearlessly in the Galapagos. This remote island group with its dramatic and desolate beauty is home to some of the most unique species in the world. Many are endemic such as the Galapagos tortoise, marine and land iguanas, the flightless cormorant and, of course, Darwin’s famous finches. Darwin noted that different species adapted to fit different niches on individual islands, which gave rise to his idea of natural selection. You may glimpse a frigate bird in courtship, his bright-red breast puffed up in a dazzling display, or the spectacular dive of a blue-footed booby fishing ...
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