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River Cruises

There are plenty of European Rivers with many river cruise boats but we offer a selection of River Cruises from around the world. India, Cambodia, Laos river cruise on the Mekong, Vietnam, Gambia, Congo, Colombia river cruises, The Nile river cruises, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and USA.

River cruises are a great way to explore the world’s most scenic and historic waterways, from the mighty Amazon to the Ganges River cruises and Mekong. The Small Cruise Ship Collection offers a variety of river cruises on small and intimate vessels that can access ports and destinations that larger ships cannot.

Whether you want to discover the ancient cultures of Cambodia, Gambia, Laos, Vietnam, Egypt and the Nile River cruise or Colombia river cruise, or enjoy the natural beauty of The Amazon, The Douro, The Mississippi or the Congo, you will find a river cruise that suits your interests and budget. Here are some of the benefits of booking a river cruise with The Small Cruise Ship Collection:

  • You will enjoy a more personal and authentic experience, with fewer passengers, attentive crew, and local guides.
  • You will have more time to explore each destination, with longer stays, shore excursions, and cultural activities included in your cruise fare.
  • You will travel in comfort and style, with spacious cabins, modern amenities, and gourmet cuisine.
  • You will save money and hassle, with meals and gratuities included in most river cruises.
  • You will have access to exclusive offers and discounts, such as early booking savings, last minute deals, and loyalty rewards.

If you are looking for a river cruise that will take you to some of the most fascinating places on earth, check out The Small Cruise Ship Collection’s website or call our friendly and knowledgeable team today. You will be amazed by the variety and quality of their river cruises.