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Dubrovnik to Split cruise

One of the classic Croatian cruise from Dubrovnik to Split via the coast, ports, bays and islands of the Adriatic coastline of southern Croatia's. Many of the small ports and harbours in Croatia only alllow vessels of maximum of 50 metres length so larger vessels cannot enter most of the beautiful ports that we will visit. 

Days will usually start with breakfast, though some energetic folk often take a short walk or a swim before breakfast. We usually take breakfast under way so we can relax and watch the scenery go by while enjoying coffee. We usually stop for a swim in a secluded bay before heading to our destination for the day. Lunch is provided (whilst cruising or shortly after we arrive) - we usually cruise for around 4 hours per day. So you can spend your mornings admiring the spectacular scenery, swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and relaxing on deck. 

In the after afternoons you can often join a guided walk of your destination (Hvar, Korcula, Split) or just explore the towns on your own. In the evenings you can take your pick from the many restaurants, cafes and bars of these old historical towns - It will almost certainly be warm enough to sit outside and enjoy a meal in the open air. 

Although we travel by small cruise ship, this is more about the places we visit than the cruise - Think of your vessel as a small moving boutique hotel that means you can wake up in a different place every morning but in a small intimate port that even small traditional cruise ships cannot get close to but where hotel accommodation is extremely hard to find.

We use three levels of cruise ship in Croatia, to read more about the vessels we use click  Croatian cruise ship