Queen of the Mississippi

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A - These 290 sq ft staterooms offer exceptional comfort and a relaxing living area. Featuring a large opening picture window, these staterooms are equipped with modern amenities, hotel-sized bathrooms, closet space, and a writing desk.

AAR (PRIVATE BALCONY) - AAR staterooms can be found on the second deck of the Queen of the Mississippi. Enjoy a luxurious 304 sq. ft. of living space that is equipped with full-sized bathrooms, and a large private balcony with sliding glass doors. These staterooms are the ideal retreat for relaxation.

AAL (PRIVATE BALCONY) - AAL staterooms can be found on the second and third deck of the Queen of the Mississippi. Enjoy a luxurious 304 sq. ft. of living space that is equipped with plush seating, full-sized bathrooms, and a private balcony with large sliding glass doors that offer great views of the Mississippi scenery. These staterooms are the epitome of comfort and relaxation.

SINGLE - A comfortable getaway, our Single suites offer individuals a spacious room with convenient amenities. At 203 sq. ft., these staterooms have interior entrances and large viewing windows where the sights of the Mississippi can be enjoyed.

AAC (PRIVATE BALCONY) - Our AAC staterooms are conveniently located on the fourth deck and offer all of the comforts of a fine hotel. Complete with a private balcony and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, these staterooms provide spectacular panoramic views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding landscape. At 304 sq. ft., these staterooms also offer a sitting area, desk, and hotel size bathrooms.

AAM (PRIVATE BALCONY) - Located on the top deck, these spacious staterooms feature scenic views of the passing landscape. At 328 sq. ft., you will enjoy all of the modern comforts and relaxing style that is expected of a premium hotel. These staterooms also offer full-size bathrooms and a walk-out private balcony where the grandness of the Mississippi can be appreciated.

SINGLE (PRIVATE BALCONY) - Perfect for the solo traveler, our Single staterooms offer all of the amenities you expect from a fine hotel. At 230 sq. ft., these staterooms have spacious bathrooms and large sliding glass doors that lead to a private balcony.

OWNER'S SUITE - At a generous 445 sq. ft., the Owner’s Suites of Queen of the Mississippi offer the finest accommodations with unsurpassed views of the Mississippi River. With a spacious seating area and full size bathrooms, each suite is a private sanctuary where you can unwind after a day of exploration in the tasteful comfort of your surroundings. A feature of these suites, large sliding glass door lead out to a private balcony where you can enjoy the ever-changing scenery.

Queen of the Mississippi

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• Vessel Type: River

• Year Built: 2012

• Passenger Capacity: 150

• Largest and most spacious staterooms on the Mississippi

• Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors lead to comfortable private balconies

• Complimentary Room Service

• High Tea served in the afternoon

• Grand Dining Room comfortably seats all passengers at the same time

• Top Deck Café – Beverages, snacks, pastries available throughout the day

• Elevators to all decks

• Exercise area and putting green

• All of the latest navigation and safety equipment

• Authentic Paddlewheel

• Six spacious lounges

A Mississippi River paddlewheel cruise on the Queen of the Mississippi brings a new high standard to America's most iconic river. Beneath her gleaming woodwork and brass fixtures is a framework of modern cruise ship technology that provides passengers with the most comfortable vacation imaginable as we cruise the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers from New Orleans to Minneapolis or Cincinnati, OH.  The Queen of the Mississippi features the most spacious staterooms in the industry and provides more space per passenger than any other river cruise ship. Attention is paid to every detail and the all-American crew offers carefully personalized service.