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Northern Lights Forecast

Aurora forecast

The 3-Day Aurora Forecast model shows the intensity and location of the aurora as expected for the time shown at the top of the map. This forecast is based on the 0 - 3 day forecast of the planetary geomagnetic activity. Each frame shows the estimated location of the aurora for a three-hour period. The sunlit side of Earth is indicated by the lighter blue of the ocean and lighter color of the continents. The day-night line or terminator is shown as a region that goes from light to dark.  The lighter edge is where the sun is just at the horizon. The darker edge is where the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon.

This product is very loosely based on an Aurora Forecast model developed at the Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab. The version of the model that is used here has been modified to use the planetary geomagnetic activity index, Kp, as a driver rather than the solar wind conditions. 

To see the latest forecast, go to the NOAA website.

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